Quran Is Not The Word Of God, Proof!

Mistaken facts in the Quran

  1. Originally the sky and the Earth – or Earths – was like smoke (surah 41/11). Well, science says the Earth and the heavens/sky never were smoke (= micro particles “floating” or dispersed in gas). The situation most closely similar to that was the first some 300.000 (380ooo?) years after the Big Bang some 13.7 billion years ago – before the first stars appeared. But for one thing then it only was gas (hydrogen and a little helium) and not smoke – no particles – and for another thing there was no Earth. Our Earth belongs to the 3. generation of stars and planets, and appeared some 4.6 billion years ago (4.57 according to the latest scietific information), made from bits and pieces of stone, metal, minerals, etc. etc., thrown out into the void from exploding older stars – supernovas – at least two times over. Aggregation of everything from pebbles and pieces of stone or ore or metal or anything, to big boulders, comets, asteroids, and even planetoids – mini planets – little by little built the Earth. We still can see the left over building material scattered around out there: Meteors, comets, and also the Kuiper belt and the Oort’s cloud – everything from grains of sand and pebbles to small planets with a diameter of more than 2000 kilometers. And that definitely is not smoke, too. Wrong.
  2. Allah then said to the sky and the Earth: “Come ye together – – -“, (41/11). But science tells that the Earth and the sky – the universe – never came together for all the 4.57 billion years since Earth came into existence – worse; never since after the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. On the contrary; the universe has been expanding, and nearly everything has been speeding away from nearly everything else, ever since the Big Bang – long before the Earth was born. Wrong.
  3. The heavens and the Earth then were joined together “as one unit of Creation” (21/30), before Allah clove them asunder (21/30). The Quran says nothing about when the stars etc. were split from the Earth – and science says it has got the story all wrong, to say the least of it. The Earth NEVER was joined together with the heavens or universe as one unit of creation (the time when this was the situation, sometimes is claimed by uneducated Muslims was before the Big Bang – but before the Big Bang and for more than 9.1 billions of years after, there was no Earth to come together with).
  4. The creation of the universe and the Earth and all that are on the Earth took 6 days, according to the Quran (7/54 – 25/59 – 32/4 – 50/38 – 57/4) – or perhaps a 8 days, a contradiction (41/9-12). (Muslims tries to explain away that contradiction by saying that 2 days were counted double, but that is not what the Quran says – and no matter: 6 or 8 days are both utterly wrong). No matter whether the “correct” time is 6 or 8 days, there is a huge difference between that and the 13.7 billion years the science tells about, as the creation still continues. – and even compared to the 4.57 billion years of the creation of Earth until man came along. Wrong.
  5. The Quran also indirectly, but clearly tells that the Earth was create first and the universe afterwards (41/9-12). But science disagrees. The universe – what we see as heaven or firmament – existed some 9+ billion years before Earth. Wrong.
  6. Geographically Hell was lowest (though it is not 100% clear, as there some places are mentioned closeness between Hell and Paradise) – Hell with its 7 gates leading to different parts of Hell, with different levels of unbearable pain and even more unbearable pain, mostly from fire and bad food and drink. At least the geography seems wrong.
  7. Over Hell comes the Earth, or actually the Earths. Because the Quran tells that Allah created 7 Earths (65/12 is the only place where the exact number is mentioned, but there are many other places where Earths are mentioned in plural). The Quran tells no more about the other Earths, but Hadiths (small stories about or from Muhammad and some of his closest co-workers and nearest successors – what they said and did) – collected by men like Al-Bukhari or Imam Muslim – say they are laying underneath our Earth (if you are bad enough, you according to Al-Bukhari even can fall down through the Earths at the Day of Doom) and that they are more and more like Hell for the people living there, the further down you go. Islam even have names for the different Earths: 1. Ramaka, 2. Khalada, 3. Arqa, 4. Haraba, 5. Maltham, 6. Sijjin, 7. Ajiba. Wrong. (f. ex. 6/45 and many more) Also see the chapter about Hell proper, VIII/2/b.
  8. Our Earth – and the others – is/are flat. (And as mentioned just above they are placed one on top of the other, according to Hadith).It is so obvious, that it hardly is mentioned directly, but all pictures that are used about the Earth, are pictures of something flat, and science is unanimous that in the Quran Earth is flat (13/3 – 15/19 – 20/53 – 43/10 – 50/7 – 51/48 – 55/10 – 71/19 – 78/6 – 91/6). Well, there is one translation (out of more than 50 to English) that says the Earth is formed like an egg – and in 3 dimensions (translated by Rashad Khalifa – even Islam does not classify him as a good translator). This frequently is quoted by Muslims wanting to prove that the Quran is correct, but there is no fundament for that “translation” in the Arab original – it is wrong (it tells about the flat nest of the ostrich on the ground, whereas Rashad Khalifa chooses to claim it means the egg). None of the good translators talk about anything but a flat Earth. And as said: All serious scientists are unanimous: In the Quran the Earth is flat. Wrong.
  9. On Earth Allah sat down mountains (the Arab verb is said to in reality mean “drop down” – like in dropping an anchor – but this be as it may) (16/15 – 21/31 – 41/10). But for one thing mountains are never set – or dropped – down; they grow up. For another thing mountains do not stabilize Earth – on the contrary it is an imbalance in the crust of the Earth. For the third thing mountains do not hinder the Earth shaking – on the contrary the making of mountains is connected to earth-quakes. And even a large snowfall in the mountains (there often is snowfall in the mountains, but rain or nothing further down) or a large change in a big mountain lake – or a big dam – can cause earthquakes because of change in the weight – mountains sometimes are that unstable. (Another thing is that it may look like Muhammad did not primarily think about earth quakes, but about the Earth itself being unstable, so that it simply might start to wobble and capsize (and drop you off?)). No matter: Wrong.
  10. On Earth there are rivers. Hadiths tell that 2 of the big ones – the Nile and the Euphrates – start in Heaven/Paradise. Wrong to say the least of it.
  11. The Earth also is filled up of plants and animals – everything created in pairs (43/12, 51/49). But there are both plants and animals that only exist in female – right up to some lizards and some fishes. And when you come to one-celled beings, few if any have 2 sexes. And one-celled “beings” by far are the most numerous both in types and in numbers. Any god had known.
  12. All is fed by rain from the clouds. They are broken into pieces to rain drops. Wrong: Drops are made by condensation of steam – every god had known.
  13. And everything is subject to the night and day that follow their orbit (f.ex. 36/40). But science tells that day and night are fixed and have no orbits – the reason for the changes only is that the Earth spins around in the light from the sun.

The Earth is described by someone knowing very little about the planet and its creation. Then who made the Quran?


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